Piano Lessons By The Maestro

Internationally recognized concert pianist and professor of music seeks serious students for the study of piano, organ, conducting, and music theory.The lessons are given in Farmington Hills (9 Mile- Middlebelt area).The student will have their piano lesson on a Baldwin SD-10 nine-foot concert grand. The fee is $25.00 for a one-half hour lesson. The lessons are one on one. The student will work on pieces (Classical Only), technique, scales, music theory, and clapping and counting. The student MUST be serious and be willing to practice every day. The student must own or have daily access to a piano. I teach in the grand style of piano playing. My teachers go in a direct line back to Beethoven. (Mischa Kottler, Emil von Sauer, Franz Liszt, Carl Czerny, Ludwig van Beethoven). Most of my students are going for professional careers.Most of my students receive full scholarships in music when they go to college. I have 100% placement of my students. I specialize in working with students who have had bad training and who want to correct their problems. I teach from beginning to advanced. If you are a serious student and want the very best in training from a highly trained, full-time professional musician (51 years of teaching experience and rated top 100 musicians in the world). Please contact Maestro Goslin at 2484763648

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