Learn How To Play Piano Like A Pro

If you are a serious piano student, or considering a career in music, or considering teaching music, these lessons are a MUST! The lessons are given in Farmington Hills (Nine Mile – Middlebelt Area.) The lessons are private (one on one) and may be booked in the hour or half-hour sessions. The lessons are given once a week. You MUST have a piano or daily access to a piano to study. The lessons are taught on a Baldwin SD-10 (Nine Foot) Concert Grand. The fee for the lessons is $25.00 per half-hour lesson. Maestro Gerald H. Goslin is a world-renowned Conductor, Concert Pianist, Concert Organist and Professor of Music (Oakland Community College.) Maestro Goslin teaches in the Classical and traditional Grand style of playing. His teachers go in a direct line back to Beethoven (Mischa Kottler, Emil von Sauer, Franz Liszt, Carl Czerny, Ludwig van Beethoven.) He has taught many famous musicians around the world and has 100% placement of his professional students. He teaches beginning to advanced students. He gives college-level training in private lessons and has over 51 years of teaching experience. He specializes in preparing students for auditions, college piano, and theory auditions. He teaches piano, organ and music theory. He also coaches advanced players preparing for auditions and recitals. Each student is taught pieces, technique, scales, music theory, and clapping and counting. The lessons are videotaped so that the student can take them home to watch. If you are interested in professional training in a private setting, have questions or would like to set up an audition appointment, please contact Maestro Goslin at (248) 476-3648

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